Where we come from


We are a brand incubated in 2020 by StilRicart, a furniture manufacturing company from La Garriga, which has always had creativity in its DNA.

This company founded in 1965 by Joan Ricart Cugat and specialized in retail, has been reinventing itself day by day to be able to offer integral solutions to all types of projects, and has been shaping its vision until reaching the current premise: “We want to reinvent the world of furniture and put it at the service of people. "

Where we go

Join the revolution

Towards change. The post-pandemic world implies revolutionizing conventional workspaces and providing much more adaptability, interactivity and versatility to all activities and places. StilChest wants to accompany you in that change.

Towards R&D

Generating furniture at the service of people implies investing in R&D so that our models evolve with you and are always at your service.

Towards sustainable development

StilChest cares about the environment and the search for effective mechanisms that allow sustainability to be one of our fundamental values.


  • Offer self-sufficient SC through renewable energies
  • Become a benchmark company in the design of mobile spaces
  • Launch 2 more models this 2021
  • Enable the rental model

Revolutionize your space

"A comprehensive solution to establish a workspace anywhere, without the need for any infrastructure, very quickly, and without installation"

Our Team

People in the center.

Join the team
StilChest team. A company made of people.

Judit Ricart Cos

CEO & Co-Founder

Graduated in advertising, public relations and marketing. Willing to revolutionize workspaces with disruptive solutions.

"It usually takes three weeks to prepare an impromptu speech." - Mark Twain

Joan Ricart Rof

CTO & Co-Founder

Entrepreneur in your DNA. StilRicart CEO and creative by nature. Combine technology with furniture and create unique spaces.

"Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from a follower." - Steve Jobs