Jan 24 2021

Antena 3: Companies that reinvent themselves in 2020

These are the portable offices that reinvent telework in the middle of the third wave of coronavirus:

Thousands of companies have had to close since the beginning of the pandemic. Many have taken advantage of the ERTE but already warn of the lack of liquidity, in fact, in less than a year they have been lost more than 110.000 companies in Spain, so many choose to reinvent themselves and seek new formulas to adapt to work from home.

Some look for alternatives like Pablo, who for a year telework and it has had to make an investment to be able to do it. His dining room has been transformed into an office in which you spend many hours a day and in which every time you have to eat you have to dismount.

That is why furniture factories have reinvented with the pandemic and in addition to manufacturing dining tables or shelves, they also make offices on wheels. An example is a closet that does not contain clothes since if we open it we will find everything you need to work where one needs. Some even have laptop and internet connection.

The market opens to teleworking, these cabinets take two weeks to manufacture and can be rent or buy. The price ranges from 1000 to 7.500 euros depending on the accessories you carry. Some carry a integrated home automation system that lowers the curtains to work in complete privacy and can even be locked. So in the absence of space at home you can always carry the office with you.

Source: Antena 3 Notícias -> https://www.antena3.com/noticias/sociedad/asi-son-las-oficinas-portatiles-que-reinventan-el-teletrabajo-en-plena-tercera-ola-de-coronavirus_20210123600c8dec6f8ead000181a760 .html

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