17 June 2021

PIMEC #rework Round table: Solutions for quality telework

On June 3, 2021, the PIMEC employer organized a digital meeting on practical solutions for SMEs, dedicated to the reinvention of work in the covid-19 era. In this conference on teleworking, there were three presentations and a round table dealing with practical solutions to minimize the occupational risks derived from the home office, […]
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4 June 2021

Hotel Room Office, a new type of business

StilChest, the perfect tool to enable an office in a room without facilities and reducing costs. 2020 has taught us to reestablish our priorities and above all we have learned to adapt to any change in work routine. Teleworking has exploded, in 2020 and 2021, almost 250% compared to 2019, […]
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10 May 2021

SC Health by Red Cross

The adaptability of StilChest has reached the health sector. Together with the Red Cross, we have designed a SC Health model as a mobile unit to carry out covid-19 tests. This format made to measure for a need, allows you to reach any place and establish a screening point without the need for installation by the staff of […]
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March 3 2021

We launched SC OFFICE Home

At the request of many customers, we launched a more compact model of the Office format on the market. Keeping the philosophy StilChest: all-in-one, mobile, adaptable and without assembly; we launched the Home version, a workplace portable to establish a workplace anywhere. Sectors to which it is intended: ⚡️Telework: It separates personal life from professional, […]
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Jan 27 2021


«We are a specialist retail furniture company but we have always looked for our own product. We are experts in creating and with the pandemic we realized that it was a very necessary product », explains Judit Ricart Cos, communication director of this family business that has been designing furniture for six decades. “The lack of space was something that was highlighted and […]
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Jan 26 2021

Visit of the Minister Chakir El Homrani to La Garriga:

Dissabte 24 de gener, the minister of treball, afers socials i famílies, is going to visit our factory in La Garriga on vam to be able to teach-li the different models of StilChest I can encaixar in all the sectors. A system that can carry molts benefits civic centers, libraries, residences, and molts altres espais. Different mitjans will charge the act. 👇 News to VOTV: […]
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Jan 24 2021

Antena 3: Companies that reinvent themselves in 2020

This is how portable offices are reinventing teleworking in the midst of the third wave of coronavirus: Thousands of companies have had to close since the start of the pandemic. Many have taken advantage of the ERTE but already warn of the lack of liquidity, in fact, in less than a year more than 110.000 companies have been lost in […]
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