17 June 2021

PIMEC #rework Round table: Solutions for quality telework

On June 3, 2021, the PIMEC employer organized a digital meeting on practical solutions for SMEs, dedicated to the reinvention of work in the covid-19 era. In this conference on teleworking, there were three presentations and a round table dealing with practical solutions to minimize the occupational risks derived from the home office, such as StilChest.

"The main variables of telework will have an important long-term impact on labor relations." This is what the director of the PIMEC Work Area, Silvia Miró, said during the digital meeting. In this sense, he explained that the organizational structure, the means, the compensation factors, the direction and leadership, the control of the activity or occupational health and the psychosocial risks are strategic elements because «in making decisions about the teleworking, a prior analysis of all the elements that will have an impact on the organization is essential ”.

The event included the presentations of two referents of the Public Administration regarding what it does in the workplace: the Labor Inspector, Deputy Director General and the head of the Barcelona Labor Inspectorate, Pedro Checa; and the director of the Catalan Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families, Elena Juanola. With regard to private initiative, the event featured a presentation by the general director of the Association of Consulting Companies of Catalonia and the former general director of Microsoft for Catalonia, Jordi Marín.

In the subsequent round table, moderated by the director of the Department of Technology and Innovation of PIMEC, Andreu Bru, participated: the professor of Cybersecurity at the University of Barcelona and CTO of Grail Security Systems, Raül Roca; the CEO and co-founder of StilChest, Judit Ricart, the CEO of the PIMEC Grup Montaner company, Joan Montaner; i the head of Business Relations of the PIMEC Technology and Innovation department, Ramon Collell.

On this journey, from StilChest, it was explained how it is possible to minimize psychosocial risks through a workspace format that allows establishing a separation between the personal - professional sphere.

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