10 May 2021

SC Health by Red Cross

The adaptability of StilChest has reached the health sector. Together with the Red Cross, we have designed a SC Health model as a mobile unit to carry out covid-19 tests. This format tailor-made for a need, allows you to go anywhere and establish a screening point without the need for installation by Red Cross staff. In addition, its format is adaptable to different types of health emergencies, so that SC always has a second life, in different use cases.

This model includes two chairs, a folding table and an additional one, a waste bin, different storage areas with mobile shelves, an electrical system, blackboards and a curtain system designed to make the most of the space inside.

In this way, the Red Cross staff only have to get out of the van on StilChest Health, through a hydraulic lift, and plug it into a light socket to have the workplace In full operation.

This project has been financed with a grant from the European Commission and is within the framework of actions related to covid-19 screening that have been agreed upon in the existing agreement with the Department of Health in Catalonia.

Two weeks ago, the first unit was delivered to the Catalunya Red Cross building, where there was a brief training on the set-up of the module and its adaptability to different use cases.

Last week this mobile screening unit was put into practice in Lleida, one of the areas of Catalonia most affected by covid-19.

The fixed workspace revolution has already started.

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