March 3 2021

We launched SC OFFICE Home

At the request of many customers, we launched a more compact model of the Office format on the market. Keeping the philosophy StilChest: all-in-one, mobile, adaptable and without assembly; we launched the Home version, a workplace portable to establish a workplace anywhere.

Sectors to which it is intended:

  • (I.e.Telecommuting: Separate personal life from professional, establishing SC Home as your home office. Close the suitcase and rest. In addition to having an organized, private space with optimal working conditions.

  • (I.e.Fairs and events: Take your office to the place you move, without having to carry out any assembly. Get out of the van you StilChest, connect it to the power and go. In addition to benefiting from decent working conditions, link your brand image to professionalism and innovation.

  • (I.e.Co-workings: Establish a meeting room anywhere without the need for an infrastructure. It offers a protected space within a common area. It favors team-building with a more interactive work system that allows the mobility of the StilChest.

  • (I.e.Hotels and Boutiques: SC Home is an ideal corner for hotels increasingly focused on the business sector, or that are implementing the new term for work with vacations "workation".

And many more sectors!

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